Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weapons and Warfare

War Scythe

Codex Atlanticus

This is a sort of chariot or trailer with rotating scythes to wreak havoc
among the opposing lines in battle. Leonardo himself admitted it "
often did no less injury to friends than to enemies".

Giant Crossbow

Codex Atlanticus

This is a gigantic crossbow. It's difficult to know whether it would have worked,
or whether it would have been superior to cannons of the same period.
The idea is fascinating.

Crossbow Machine

Codex Atlanticus

This rather hilarious contraption is designed to allow four crossbows to be repea tedly fired.
Men running on the wheel supply power, while another places the darts in position.
It would have been difficult to aim.

Seige Defenses

Codex Atlanticus

Rotating poles sweep atackers off the walls. One wonders how effective this would have been. The mechanical workings are essentially the same as that used in a mill of the same period; Leonardo was simply looking for a new application of the device.

Muilti Barrel Gun

Codex Atlanticus

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