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Koleksi Lukisan Leonardo da Vinci...

Mona Lisa (1503)

Paris, Louvre

The exact identity of the model for this painting is not known, but it is traditionally identified as the portrait of Monna Lisa del Giocondo that was mentioned by Vasari, and begun in Florence around the year 1503. Leonardo never consigned the work, which he kept as one of his most cherished posessions.

Virgin with St. Anne, the Child and St. John

London, National Gallery

This image was part of the preparation for "The Virgin and Child with St. Anne"

The Virgin and Child with St. Anne

Paris, Musee du Louvre

Leonardo was commissioned to do this work for the church at St. Annunziata in Florence. In 1501 the design which served as a basis for this painting was displayed to the public, with an enthusiastic response. (See below)

The Virgin of the Rocks

Paris, Musee du Louvre

This painting was done during Leonardo's first years in Milan.

St. Jermoe

Rome, Vatican Museum

Another unfinished work, from around 1482. It was found in a junk shop in Rome in 1820 by Cardinal Fesch. There is much in common with the style of Leonardo's anatomical sketches.

Detail from the Annuciation

Florence, Uffizi

Painted for the convent of San Bartolomeo di Moneoliveto between 1475 and 1478.

Angels and Landscape of the Baptism of Christ

Florence, Uffizi

When Leonardo worked under Verrocchio he participated in many works including this painting of two angels. Leonardo painted the angel on the left, which differs stylistically from its companion on the right.

Adoration of the Magi

Florence, Uffizi

This incomplete painting was abandoned when Leonardo went to Milan. Still, it is easy to visualize the intended image from the brown tones and layout.

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